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Hi there!

I am so glad you're here. My passion in life has always been helping people accomplish their goals and find their superpowers. I have brought this passion into a long and successful career supporting the commercial growth of Financial Services companies. Now, I'm bringing it to you!


Together, we'll get you on track while amplifying and uncovering your unique strengths so that you can live a more full, balanced and successful life (however you define successful).

What makes me right for you? I have walked the walk and talked the talk. That doesn't mean I've stood directly in your shoes, it means I understand the immense, multidirectional, pressure you're under and how to help you find your anchor points to improve your professional and personal life. The strategies we'll work on together aren't off of a checklist, they're based on real life experiences and an innate forte which, candidly, cannot all be developed in a classroom. I'm here as your real-life sounding board, your champion, your second set of eyes and to arm you with custom solutions as you lead through change. You'll be amazed by how much further you can go when you have the incremental perspective of someone who's done it before and who is fully devoted to helping you succeed.

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Cally's Story

Cally is a life strategist. She has spent her entire career navigating complex decision making and connecting multiple stakeholders across public and private companies to find mutually agreeable outcomes. She is an expert problem solver and negotiator, with a deep empathy that helps her to surmount even the most challenging roadblocks. 

As an employee wellness guru, she is an enthusiastic advocate for personal well-being. She has been featured in Her Money magazine and has regularly spoken at conferences across the country about effective communication strategies and ways employers can better support their most valuable assets: their people.

Most recently, Cally worked as Chief Revenue Officer for Carver Edison, a New York City based Financial Technology company. She joined Carver Edison as an early stage company and worked tirelessly to help the organization exponentially increase their revenue and catapult their commercial growth. 

Throughout her career, Cally has been in the virtual and physical boardroom with executives at companies that include: Citibank, NASDAQ, Comcast, Disney, Barclays, American Express, Empower Retirement, JP Morgan, Blackrock, Jeffries, Morgan Stanley and many, many more. ​​

Cally has rang the closing bell at NASDAQ, has been through a private company's successful acquisition and has helped bring a category disruptive product to market (no small feat). She has, likewise, spoken on panels to audiences of hundreds and has appeared as a guest speaker on international podcasts, including a feature about closing the gender equity pay gap

On the personal side, Cally is married to an expat from New Zealand and has a four-year-old daughter. She deeply understands the dichotomy between simultaneously giving one's whole self to one's family while also giving one's whole self to one's career. The balance between the conference room and the kitchen is a phrase which she euphemistically uses to describe the tug between career life and home life for so many working parents. As the daughter of an expat father from Italy and a biracial southern mother who grew up on the west coast, Cally was raised with multicultural sensibilities and a far-reaching perspective of the world around us. 

When she is not working, Cally loves to play tennis and read. One of her favorite genres is historical fiction. She is a member of her library's Auxiliary Board, her daughter's school's Fundraising and Parent-Teacher Board, and a number of other local organizations. In years past, she had also worked closely with the Fresh Air Fund and God's Love We Deliver, both NYC-based nonprofit organizations. When possible, she loves being in nature and traveling. 


Let's connect. Send me an email and we'll be in touch.

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